Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Expend Your Energy

Why expend your energy on nursing a grudge
Leave those who have wronged you for Karma to judge
Revenging your mind on another seems self torturous to me
Move on in your life and let old grudges be
The one who has wronged you to Karma will pay
What goes around comes around life is this way
You talk about payback two wrongs never make a right
The windows of the bitter mind are shaded to light
You cannot change what has happened the past it has gone
Leave the one who has sinned against you to Karma in your life move on
Scream into your pillow for anger release
Those with revenge on their minds with themselves not at peace
That you hold on to your grudges is of your own choice
Leave the one who has wronged you to Karma to you that's my advice.

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