Wednesday, February 9, 2011

You Say We Live In A Free Country

You say we live in a free Country but can you say you are truly free
Of fear of attack from another of which you have no guarantee
We live in fear of suicide bombers or other forms of attack
And the gift of life from once it is taken cannot again be given back
Not everyone obeys Moses commandment the one that states thou shalt not kill
If somebody wishes to harm you they can and they certainly will
Your right to life is a basic freedom and that to you cannot be guaranteed
Your argument of your free Country is open to question indeed
No my friend this is not a free Country though more freedom here than most Land's maybe
But your idea of what is freedom is not a true freedom to me
It should be a basic human right our lives their full course for to live
But that is not a guarantee that any Government to you can give
You tell me about your free Country your thoughts on such may suit you fine
I am not saying you are wrong in your thinking but your ideas of freedom are different to mine.

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