Thursday, June 23, 2011

For As Long As I Am Able To

If  i said i'd give up rhyming to myself  i'd only lie
For i hope to go on penning until the day i die
With a rhyming addiction i write stuff every day
And what i so enjoy doing why should i wish to give away

Since the early nineteen seventies i've been a rhyming buff
And i am one of those blokes who has penned a heap of stuff
And always things to write about to rhyme not hard at all
A memory to cherish is a memory to recall

The rhymes keep coming to me on paper i jot them down
Just one of many rhymers in a coastal country town
But with me 'tis an addiction with words i like to play
We all have our life's passions as some do like to say

I am getting on in years now four years with the three score
A rhymer of the old school just that and nothing more
My better years behind me in the forever gone
But for as long as i am able to i will keep rhyming on.

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