Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Good Mum

Her love and support the good mum of them never deny
Her daughter or her son she always stands by
Though they may be found guilty of serious crime
And are in a jailhouse serving prison time

Of her criminal children the good mum does say
I will always love them till my dying day
Though they may have tainted the family's good name
She will not disown them for their acts of shame

Her love for and bond to her children is unbreakable strong
She stands by them faithfully though they have done wrong
My children are good people you will hear her say
Though behind prison gates they are locked away

 They have left themselves and their family down
And did not bring honour to their side of the town
And despite being in prison their good mum them does stand by
Of her love and support them she does not deny.

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