Sunday, June 12, 2011

He Is A Poor Bloke

He is a poor bloke on the poor side of the town
Down on his luck and financially down
Struggling to support a wife and three young children on low take home pay
Life is not meant to be easy it does seem this way

When he asked his boss for a raise in pay the answer was no
If you do not like the wages i pay you surely you know where to go
Unemployed workers in town are many and jobs they are few
On saying that i'm not telling you anything that is new

Working hard for low wages without any reason for cheer
At the weekend he cannot even afford the price of a beer
One who works hard to support his wife and children it would seem fair to say
That the good Karma he does sow he will reap one day

He struggles to pay his bills and to make ends meet
The hard working bloke on the very poor street
One who loves his children and who loves his wife
He battles on bravely in the battle of life.

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