Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If There's A True God

If there's a true god that god is for everybody and to any one religious grouping does not belong
And those who say that their god is the one true god are people who have clearly got it wrong
If there's a god that god is for all people their god in his ways must be very small
If he does not believe that all people are equal a true god would believe in equality for all
If there's a god that god is kind and caring that god would believe in love and not making war
He would not believe on a so called holy person blessing the troops to fight in lands afar
A true god would not tolerate human inequality or condone class distinction in any way
And a true god would not want racist or divisive people in his house of worship kneeling to him to pray
For the true god lives in the minds of all good people amongst people he does not differentiate
A true god does not live in the mind of someone who believes in the politics of hate
If there's a true god that god lives in the mind of a good atheist he would not condemn a good atheist to an afterlife of hell
A true god would love all good living people and he would wish on everybody well
If there's a true god he is good and kind and caring and he is one that you will only find
In those who love peace and in any way are not racist god lives in every decent person's mind.

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