Friday, June 10, 2011

If You Can Spot A Bush On Clara

'Tis Seasonal wintery weather the sun showers are drizzling down
Yet business is booming as usual in busy old Warrnambool Town
Far north in Duhallow in Millstreet rain clouds gather in the Summer sky
Elizabeth Murphy can see a bush on Clara she will not hang her washing out to dry.

Jim Murphy's Wife Elizabeth remembers the late Sue Dennehy's advice
If you can pick a bush off of Clara to hang out your washing a poor choice
If you can see a bush on Clara you bet your sweet life it will rain
An insight from Sue on the weather that to this day she does retain

Jim and Elizabeth no longer at West End though Drishane road from there not far
Perhaps fifteen minutes at a brisk walk or a couple of minutes by car
But she still recalls her days in the West End when her old Neighbour Sue was alive
She may be long amongst the deceased but good memories of her do survive

The Summer sky gray above Millstreet the sun behind clouds hid away
Elizabeth Murphy will not hang out her washing she can spot a bush on Clara today
Her old friend Sue Dennehy's insight on the weather her lifetime with her will remain
If you can spot a bush on Clara you bet your sweet life it will rain.

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