Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Just An Ageing Rhymer

Some tell me i'm one who has wasted so much precious time
On writing on Nature and people and places in old fashioned rhyme
Though to their advice though well intended i pay little heed
For to keep on penning in me there's the need

For many years now i've been a rhyming buff
And true i have written a whole heap of stuff
But what i enjoy doing why should i give away
I hope to keep penning till my life's last day

My worth as a rhymer i always do doubt
But there's always so much for one to write about
I no longer aspire to for to be a poet
Nor am i one worthy of literary note

My best days in life to the forever gone
But i do love rhyming so i'll keep rhyming on
I'm just an ageing rhymer that and nothing more
And that is something you may have heard me say before.

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