Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Of Course Talking Rot

Those who say what happens in a far Country does not affect Australia of course talking rot
Look what has happened in Chile when an active volcano got hot
And blew clouds of ash to the southern sky
And forced airline directors in Australia to not allow their planes to fly
In the wind the volcanic ash from Chile around the World does blow
The sky does not have borders as everyone know
What happens in one Country can affect people elsewhere
And cause problems for many in the big World out there
From volcanic eruptions planes grounded from ash blowing in the breeze
And from wars and famines and natural disasters we get asylum seeking refugees
It is a mere fact and fact cannot be denied
What happens  in one Country can affect people Worldwide
Those who say disasters in far Countries do not affect us have got it wrong
Since the sorrows of one to one alone does not belong.

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