Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Seasons To Our Lives

The Seasons to our lives do come and do go
Till the passing of time becomes everyone's foe
Six decades and four years my life thus far span
But in time it does not seem that long since i was a young man

One might say i have seen many Seasons go by
But on looking back the years how time seems to fly
It does indeed seem only like yesterday
When i was a boy in a place far away

The little lark carolling in the sunlit sky
And the sweet scent of hay in the meads of July
Though the past may be gone the good memories with me stay
Of my younger years in a place far away

In the babbling stream just after sunrise
The song of the dipper i can memorize
I feel grateful my memory time's passage defies
As to me 'tis not hard at all to visualize

I too do feel loss of energy the side affects of time's wear
A physical human frailty with all others i do share
But hopefully until i die the gift of memory with me does remain
And that i can re-live the happy memories of times gone by again.

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