Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Way To Go

The Land of the black and of the white cockatoo
And of wombat, koala and emu and roo
And of the World's oldest Indigenous Race
Australia as a Country ought to take pride of place

But due to Australia's Government and Opposition's for political gain treatment of refugees
Poor Stateless people from war torn Lands overseas
With Countries with good human rights laws Australia does not rate
On such matters Aussies cannot celebrate

'Tis true that in human rights Australia as a Country is better than most
But that in itself is hardly worth a boast
For many Countries have appalling human rights records and it is sad to say
That discrimination is rife in the Human World of today

Though with what i say here many may not agree
A loss of human rights to one is to all that's how it seems to me
Australia as a wealthy Country in human rights should be leading the way
But respect to human rights laws the Government never fully pay

By incarcerating asylum seekers the Government and Opposition them politicize
People seeking asylum a good Government would not demonize
That compared to most Australia has good human rights laws well may be so
But as a World Leader on such matters it has some way to go.

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