Tuesday, June 14, 2011

'Tis True Enough

'Tis true enough i'm an old fashioned rhymer and i've written heaps of stuff though not that well
Nowadays my type of writing out of fashion but i too have my own stories to tell
My rhymes inspired by the lives of people and Nature's beauty that i do see around me every day
I only write for the pleasure writing brings me and not for financial gain in any way
A winter day but the sun is out and shining and the sparrows chirping on the garden trees
For the southern June the weather rather typical the slight chill of Winter in the southern breeze
A magpie lark sings in the nearby parkland his pee wee song familiar for to hear
He is one of those songsters of all Seasons since he does sing every day of the year
The nectar eating red wattlebird by his voice cannot be mistaken his hoarse cackles to his identity don't leave doubt
Though from Nature every day we learn new things on her ways there is much much to learn and write about
The harsh like calls of the white long billed corella the magpie's flute melodious and clear
Birds that sing in all Seasons and all weather and at night in nesting time when Spring is near
Yes 'tis true enough i'm an old fashioned rhymer and i only write for enjoyment that is all
The sparrows chirping in the Winter sunshine on the wattle trees beside the garden wall.

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