Sunday, June 12, 2011

'Tis True For To Live

'Tis true for to live we need money to say otherwise would be a lie
But what is success might i ask you since eventually we all do die
You may be a super rich person the billionaire everyone wants to know
But the Reaper of lives will not ignore you the scythe of death will lay you low
The breath of life born into us eventually from us will go
Our youthful and prime years do pass quickly time does become everyone's foe
Even names that we know as immortal will fade like the passing of rhyme
Only Nature will live on forever she outlives her Seasons of time
Yes Nature the visible Goddess her presence on Earth will remain
Her wildflowers will bloom in Spring and Summer in life giving sunshine and rain
And we will always have many species of birds and animals and amphibians, reptiles, insects, fishes and bees
And in the Spring white or pink blossoms will bloom on her fruit bearing trees
Yes death it is never for Nature the one true immortal lives on
And death is for all of us mortals and the past to the forever has gone.

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