Saturday, June 18, 2011

What Is Wrong With Politicians

What is wrong with politicians most of them lack in ruth
And most of them have a problem with telling of the truth
When asked a simple question they give an ambiguous reply
Why they behave in such a manner why bother to wonder why
That few politicians are trustworthy and truthful does seem fair to say
With most of them one lie leads to another it does seem that way
As liars they live and as liars they will die
To them it comes so very easy to lie
When i say that truthful politicians as was always are few
You may say to that tell us something that is new
The love of political power can be an addictive thing
And though the praises of politicians i for one never sing
Some of them have honor and should be held in high esteem
But having said that not too many of them 'twould seem.

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