Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Can Have The Fame

I do not wish to die without a penny to my name
For i could not live without money and i can do without fame
I would like to grow old as a wealthy old man
And in financial comfort live out my time span

You would have heard of the story of the octogenarian billionaire
His lover a young beauty in her twenties with wavy golden hair
She feigns the affection for him she does show
But that she does not love him he is not to know

Without money he'd just be another old man
With very few friends near the end of his life's span
Not one with a beautiful young lover who has just turned twenty three
For to kiss and to cuddle and to sit on his knee

You can have the fame that's of no use to me
I just wish for enough of money for to live comfortably
Though every day 'tis looking me in the face
Poverty is a thing i could never embrace.

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