Monday, June 27, 2011

You Still Keep Hanging In There

Even though you are short of money and you are living rough
And for longer than you can remember you have been doing it tough
You still keep hanging in there though physically your better days long gone
You deserve heaps of credit for to keep on keeping on
You are a noble person that fact of you cannot be denied
You never will surrender to your thoughts of suicide
With years of want through hardship you have learned to cope
And it never can be said of you that you do lack in hope
Sometimes you buy a lotto ticket since you believe that one day
That lady luck will decide for to smile your way
Who knows that in some future day your dream may well come true
Since all things come to those who wait your turn of luck is due
You keep on hanging in there in your poor side of the town
'Tis true what's said of people hard to keep a good one down.

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