Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Young Man From Koroit

In search of adventure fortune and renown
Far from his homeplace in old Koroit Town
From South West Victoria in miles far away
In the Queensland tropics of sunny Mackay

In the prime of his life he's just turned twenty three
Single without ties and of worries free
Working his way around the big Country
With more traveling to do and more places to see

Often drunk with his mates in the Commercial and Mickey Bourke's Pub
When he used to barrack for Koroit's Footy Club
But youth must have it's fling as some do like to say
And in his Hometown he did not choose to stay

For him in Koroit a young woman in tears
She has not seen or not heard from him for over two years
Resigned to the fact she will not be his wife
She has to pick up the pieces of her life

From the tropical sun looking fit, healthy and brown
He finds a new girl friend in every town
The young man from Koroit near the peak of his prime
Far north of South West Victoria having a good time.

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