Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being A Celebrity

Being a celebrity does not make for a good person as a good person may never know of fame
Just an ordinary individual that few people do know by name
Yet one who is only too willing to help one of help quite in need
Such a person is well worth admiring and a great individual indeed
The people who make the news headlines whose praises the masses does sing
Many of them in ways far from good people fame to kindness and compassion is a different thing
Those enamoured with the lives of the famous must not have lives of their own
I know of a few very good people and they are not even well known
The masses are the worst of judges big egos they only inflate
The caring and kind quiet achievers are people few do celebrate
Stories  of the celebrated and famous newspapers and magazines sell
Some good people i know never even make the local paper though they serve their community well
They are the unsung quiet achievers  not even well known on their side of the town
They help many in need of helping yet remain as strangers to renown.

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