Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lena O' Keeffe

Her work for the Millstreet Tidy Town Committee for many years played a huge part in her life
Lena nee Kelleher to John O' Keeffe was a good and a loving wife
Her and John often seen doing their tidy town work on the streets of Millstreet Town
On Summer evenings long ago after supper till sundown

With John out for their evening walk she will not be seen again
But a kind hearted woman of striking beauty in memory does remain
She was one of Millstreet's finest so graceful and so tall
Mental pictures of her with those who knew her will remain to recall

To that old Town by Clara Hill the Seasons come and go
And the passing of time eventually to everyone a foe
Gone from the Main Street in the flesh one loved, admired and widely known
The inspirational woman Lena she was one of Millstreet's own.

Sad to think that her heart so full of love and kindness is now forever still
In her grave in St Mary's in view of Cashman's Hill
One can only hope that death for her was from life a painless release
Lena the wife of John O' Keeffe may she now rest in peace.

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