Thursday, February 9, 2012

All I Have Left With Me

Though in distance from them i do live far away
The friends of my past i remember today
The bond of friendship weakened due to absence but good memories of them with me remain
And sometimes in my thoughts i meet them again

They have formed new friendships and in life moved on
Though like me perhaps they recall memories of days long gone
Perhaps if we met we would talk of the past
And on looking back the years say how time went so fast

Like is said in life every day a new challenge to face
Some of them like me live far from the homeplace
Some of them grandparents some of them are dead
Our best years behind us old age is ahead

All i have left with me is the memory
Of my friends of the past and of what used to be
And i never may more hear the lowing of a cow
In the quiet of the dawn by the River Finnow.

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