Sunday, February 19, 2012

At A Dead End

Though to others things for you  are going well you pretend
In your mind you feel your life is at a dead end
You feel in despair that luck's not on your side
And in your black moods you've had thoughts of suicide

The good days for you are now in the long gone
And only your will to live keeps you living on
Though you have reached the ultimate brink of despair
In public you never say life is unfair

Your problems and worries in your mind have grown
But you keep them to yourself since they are of your own
You walk with a smile on the streets of the town
Though you feel dejected and mentally down

With little money to live on and struggling to cope
Still of better times you are not without hope
And since you feel a change of luck for you is due
To the battle of life you'll remain ever true.

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