Friday, February 3, 2012

Despite What Some Say

It is true everyone has a story to tell
Even the one some does dismiss as a never do well
Has his or her own story in life to relate
The potential is in everyone to be great

For many in life their dreams are unrealized
And for what they are good at they never become recognized
Their journey in book form may never appear
And few of their story do wish for to hear

The babe from life learning before she or he learn to crawl
And to one what is a huge problem to another seems small
Like the leaves of late Autumn that turn brown and then fall
Eventually time does take care of us all

It is said we receive from life what is our due
And that everyone has a story to tell does seem true
But despite what some say we cannot be what we choose
In a World where for one to win someone else has to lose.

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