Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Down With Rank And Class Distinction

In a Human World where rank and class distinction by many is taken too far
The people we see as important are not as important as we think they are
Like all other life forms they are born to die
Which makes them no different than to you or to i
Thanks be to for the Reaper of lives the one who promotes equality
The one who claims the lives of the monarch and president as those in poverty
The one who does not respect rank, money or fame
The Reaper who treats every life as the same
In a Human World where millions daydream of renown
And where millions live as homeless and financially down
The not so nice side of humanity seems very much alive
Rank and class distinction despite all of this does seem to thrive
Down with rank and class distinction is all i can say
And for the Egalatarian Reaper let us hear the hooray.

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