Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Am Not Unlike Millions Of Others

I am not unlike millions of others in my own ways i can be quite small
To be flawed it is said only human does seem to be true after all
Though kind and compassionate people i do meet almost every day
So many can be quite judgemental or racist in some sort of way
The right to a fair go for everyone on such the broadminded believe
The seeds of the karma we do sow grow to the fruits in life we do receive
It must be hard for those near to perfect in the Human World of today
They become fair game for the ruthless who disrespect to the honorable like to pay
To the more negative compassion and kindness is looked on as a human flaw
Though against negativity and cynicism there is not any human made law
And for negativity and cynicism you need not look no further than me
When i look for the flaws in others their flaws i never fail to see
I find it too much of a stuggle to my higher self to be true
Then i ought not to be complaining if life serves me what i am due.

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