Monday, February 20, 2012

In Ballarat In Victoria

In Ballarat in Victoria history was made
Brave men took up arms for their workers rights at the Eureka Stockade
Some of them were badly injured and some of them even died
The story of their bravery it traveled far and wide
With Government troopers firing on them from under cover all around
Beneath the flag of The Southern Cross they bravely stood their ground
They achieved for miners better working conditions and better pay but at a substantial cost
In Ballarat at The Eureka Stockade too many good lives were lost
For what should be basic human rights some of them with their lives had to pay
They were the men who made Ballarat the City it is today
Known as the place where Australian Unionism began it's historic course
Where noble young men took on the might of an Empire's force
Above them on a flag post in the wind the flag of The Southern Cross did wave
Australian workers owe them for their sacrifice the bravest of the brave

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