Saturday, February 4, 2012

It Is Out Of Love Of It

It is out of love of it that some people have a market stall
Since on town market day competition is great and profit margins are small
Where to show a small profit is seen as a good day
Than having a market stall there must be an easier way
Where for effort hard work is not matched financially
To earn one's livelihood can be tough would you not agree?
To have market stalls is in their blood to most of them must apply
Their mums and dads market stall holders in Seasons gone by
An age old  tradition they do carry on
The legacy of parents to the forever gone
To set up market stalls at the weekend to distant towns they do drive
Some of their children the tradition may keep alive
It is in the blood as some do like to say
And such applies to market stall holders on town market day.

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