Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just One Of Those Amateur Rhymers

For years as an amateur rhymer i have penned a whole heap of rhyme
Since back in the early nineteen seventies when i was in my life's prime
I have been addicted to rhyming long before time left me feeling and looking older and gray
An addiction that will surely be with me right up till my last night and day

I too did daydream in my prime years that i might be famed as a poet
And become a professional writer a person of literary note
But daydreams for most only daydreams and seldom do ever come true
And life as is said has a habit of giving us what is our due

Still i do enjoy penning verses and the rhymes do keep coming to me
And always so much for to write on at least that's how it seems to be
I write rhymes on people and Nature the stuff that is easy to write
I am one amongst millions of bloggers who post to an internet site

Just one of those amateur rhymers for years i have been a rhyming buff
And it is a fact i dare not boast of that i have penned a whole heap of stuff
Not known as a successful writer and my better years to the long gone
But i do enjoy being a rhymer and i will go on rhyming on.

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