Saturday, February 4, 2012

Little Else More

Who wins the most grand slams in tennis no doubt the best player
And to tell you the truth i can't say i much care
Who comes out on top when big egos collide
For the top players as well as prestige and prize money at stake there is ego and pride
Though i will not be watching for to shout hip hooray
May the best player win is all i can say
Those who play for big money are playing for more than love of the game
It is all about winning and it is all about fame
When huge sums of money is involved it no longer is sport
The needless grunting  and adult temper tantrums displayed on the tennis court
About it one must say leaves much to desire
Most elite sports people not the type i do admire
It is something that has been said often times before
It is all about ego and money and little else more.

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