Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Love Of A Mother

He is not a very good person and bad things to others he has done
But his mum she will always stand by him she says i am proud of my son
He may be a bit on the wild side and imbued with youthful elan
But my son he is a good person at heart he is a nice young man

She plays the part of the good mother she will not run her offspring down
She raised him on her own when his dad left her on the rougher side of the town
A hard place for any mother for to raise her children where stealing is a common crime
Her twenty year old son is in prison for burglary serving his time

All others see fit to bad mouth him he only does have one loyal friend
Despite his many criminal convictions his good mum her son does defend
She only has good to say of him whilst others condemn him to fail
She says my son is a nice person though presently he is in jail

She plays the part of the good mother and loyal to her wayward son remain
She stands by the young man she gave birth to though he causes her mental pain
So great is the love of a mother a greater love than it not known
Though her son is behind bars in prison him she will never disown.

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