Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Luke

Old Luke said to me back in my life's prime
I made the most of life i had a good time
Made love to many women and drunk lots of beer
I still am quite partial to the pot of cheer

Due to my womanizing ways i was divorced by my ex wife
With her faithful husband she has found some joy in her life
Our only offspring Linda is a grandmum today
Living and married in London from here far away

Time has robbed me of most of my sexual drive
I feel past it for women now at seventy five
Even single women my age seek younger men than me
Physically i'm not the fellow that i used to be

What hair he has left on his head is silver gray
And clearly he has known a far better day
But at the local he downs pots of beer as fast as you'd blink
And men quarter of his age he does easily out-drink.

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