Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Only The Memories

Have you ever thought of how time ticked on so fast
As in your mind you re-lived the memories of Seasons long past
Of the place of your younger years from where you now live far away
And of the boys and girls  you knew there where might they be today

Like you some of them went to see some of the big World out there
And from their first homeplace are ageing elsewhere
And some in or near the old hometown did stay
Life's journey different for all as some are known to say

As a teenager the girls you fancied in Seasons long gone
Fading memories of them in your mind living on
If you met them today them you may not even know
On the physical appearance the decades do show

Has nostalgia ever brought you quite cloes to tears
As you thought of the past in the now long gone years
And only the memories with you do remain
Of faces and places you will not see again.

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