Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pat Buckley

Perhaps one in his early sixties it was not of old age he died
Only know he lived in Caherbarnagh in the mountainy countryside
Had he married and fathered children were things of him i did not know
This true son of old Caherbarnagh where into manhood he did grow
In his young years i watched him play gaelic football a powerful young man in his prime
When he was in his mid to late twenties though that is going back far in time
A dashing fellow then Pat Buckley he mixed it with Duhallow's best
One never found for to be wanting he proved himself in every test
His passing from life in his sixties sad news to read of from far away
By Cashman's old hill in St Mary's his last remains forever lay
I remember him back in his prime years when he used to play gaelic football
The one who claimed the life of Pat Buckley is the one who will claim the life of us all
He surely did love Caherbarnagh one blessed with a strong sense of place
And he is one who will be remembered for his was a well known and loved face.

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