Sunday, February 12, 2012

That Dear Little Town

Wherever i go to the memories go with me
Of that dear little town by the southern sea
A paradise with a quaint charm of it's own
And of natural beauty as fine as i have ever known

In the park by the sea the dainty magpie lark
Everyday can be heard sing pee wee from dawn until dark
And on the tall gums every day of the year
The flute of the magpie sounds melodious and clear

Such down to earth and friendly people live there
As hospitable as i have met anywhere
Such wonderful memories in my mind does stay
Of where everyone greets you with a cheerful good day

Were i a songwriter i would write a song
For others to join with me and sing along
And that listeners would applaud and call out for more
Of that dear little town by the southern shore

In the quiet of the dawn just before sunrise
The rumblings of the surf waves and the silver gulls cries
With me the memories of such natural beauty remain
And in fancy that dear little town i do visit again.

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