Saturday, February 18, 2012

Willie Neenan Is Still Racing

Willie Neenan is still racing despite what many think or say
Running up and down steep mountains from Duhallow far away
He lives far from Ballydaly in the Parish of Millstreet
He has other hills to conquer and new challenges to meet

It is just another fallacy that by Cashman's Hill he lay
Willie Neenan is too mobile in one place he could not stay
He is far from Ballydaly, Inchaleigh and Millstreet Town
Steeper hills than Clara Mountain he's now running up and down

Why waste your tears on Willie Neenan when he's alive and well today
In the Parish that he once loved he decided not to stay
Of running on Duhallow roadways he grew bored and had his fill
He now runs for further honours far away from Clara Hill

He knocked back the trip to heaven it is not his sort of place
He decided to live elsewhere Willie Neenan needs to race
With the angels of the greater god Willie Boy will never sing
That would not be his sort of lifestyle  running is his preferred thing

Willie Neenan is not deceased he has gone to live elsewhere
He is happy and contented in his other World up there
Far away from Ballydaly, Inchaleigh and Millstreet Town
Against the Olympians of the Universe he is racing to renown.

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