Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Workers Will Pay

In Greece for their economic woes 'tis the Workers will pay
This is how it is and it has always been this way
The taxpaying workers blue and white collar will save Greece now seen as a failed State
From what could be for their Country's Economy even a worse fate
Than it is in at present and that is bad enough
A cash strapped State in Europe where times are quite tough
The Government of Greece have no cash left in the till
It will be left to the workers to pay the Country's bill
To the taxpayers of Greece it will come at a huge financial cost
But they will save their Country's economy since the battle not lost
What is happening in Greece has happened in other Countries before
But to some of it's former glory the workers their Country will restore
Where all else does fail the workers do succeed
They will come to Greece's rescue in it's time of most need.

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