Sunday, February 26, 2012

Your Eternal Utopia

You talk of your far paradise in the sky
Where above sunlit valleys winged angels do sing as they fly
And birds sing all year in the pleasant sunshine
Your eternal utopia seems truly divine

You worship the god of your choice every day
And for your eternal salvation do kneel for to pray
Respect to the unseen and unknown you feel happy to pay
I do sort of envy you for your devotional way

Still i'd swap your ideas of heaven for a lingering kiss
And a night of sexual passion with a middle aged miss
A memory to cherish and for to retain
To fantasize on and to visit again

In your life after bodily death with angels you will dwell
Whilst i will be lingering with satan in hell
Deprived of the one earthly joy that served me well
The pen and the paper to write doggerel

The dark clouds of cynicism prevents light from entering my mind
In a sort of a way i do envy your kind
The beauty you visualize i cannot see
With my way of thinking what hope is for me?

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