Saturday, April 28, 2012

Based On A Lie

Immortality for human kind based on a lie
For us no such a thing we are born to die
Our average life span in years a decade with three score
Only Nature herself does live forever more

You may even become a moneyed billionaire
But the Reaper of lives the life's breath in you will not spare
From the moment we are born to our last living day
The clock on our lives does keep ticking away

Between those we see as failures and those we see as great
The Reaper of lives does not differentiate
You may not like the Reaper but would you not agree
That the life of the pauper and billionaire he treats equally.

I have lived sixty five Summers more than three decades past my prime
And i feel that i am running out of time
And since for all living things there's a last night and day
The end for me cannot be too far away.

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