Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Words are designed as some does say for of things to make sense
We will take for example one easy to spell word known as coincidence
If your female cat and your neighbour's female cat give birth to kittens on the same day
Coincidence the proper word for this as the language experts say
This is not a miracle but coincidence just that and nothing more
Just something that would have happened in other neighbourhoods before
Such things are never miracles since they happen every day
A coincidence not even an unusual occurence as it does seem this way
A coincidence is not unusual as most would be aware
Though some see it as very special and something rare
There is a word for to describe everything or so 'twould seem to be
What may seem extraordinary to some may not be so to you or me
For you and your neighbour's cat giving birth on the same day the word is coincidence
There is a word for everything to out of everything make sense.

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