Thursday, April 26, 2012

Humans Never Learn

More stories of death and horrific injuries from war zones we hear of every day
Humans never learn from history it does seem this way
Even for so called war winners the price of their victory in lives lost huge to pay
That the warring kind not open to learning  as some like to say
This thing called a just war is based on a lie
Ageing men start wars for the young to fight in and die
The war winners write the war history and that's how 'twill always be
Though they too are guilty of crimes against humanity
By the most of their Nation's people the praises of war winning leaders in public are sung
Whilst many of the war losing leaders are either shot or hung
But the dead soldiers of the winning side will not be at the war victory parade
And they will not hear the bugle when the last post is played
And though the war it is over and victory is won
The mother left to grieve for her dead soldier son.

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