Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mohammed From Kabul

A long way from here to his old home in Kabul in Afghanistan
Mohammed till the day he die will be a homesick man
He arrived in this Southern Land as a boat refugee
Perhaps Kabul his Hometown he is never more to see
He spent two years in Woomera Detention Centre surrounded by razor wire
Yet for that he does not seem bitter in him so much to admire
He lost his wife and two young children in the Afghanistan war Kabul he had to flee
For one who has known a tough life look no further than he
He works as a diesel mechanic one well skilled at his trade
A great success out of his life Mohammed he has made
In his mid to late forties one well beyond his prime
A man of his great stature inspired in me this rhyme
A long way from Warrnambool to Kabul for Mohammed from Afghanistan
And perhaps till the day he dies he will be a homesick man.

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