Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nature Controls Us

All of the grass in the paddocks by rabbits eaten bare
There is scarcely enough here for to sustain a hare
The countryside looking so bare, brown and dry
And not one rain cloud in the blue and sunny sky

The farmer obliged to buy hay for his sheep
And with a wife and two young children and a home to upkeep
And lamb prices falling and hay to buy dear
For him it has been an unprofitable year

For the rabbits he has laid the 1080 bait
But without success for him to celebrate
The rabbits in numbers seem to multiply
That the bait is not working he does wonder why?

By the weather and locusts and rabbits and mice plagues rural livelihoods under attack
After good rainfall in Spring and Summer El Nino is back
Sucking any moisture from the bare ground dry
That Nature controls us none ought to deny

Yes Nature controls us it does seem this way
El Nino is back but hopefully for a brief stay
And add to that damage to crops by rabbits, locusts and mice
For all of this the farmer has to pay the big price.

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