Thursday, April 19, 2012

Old Rosie

Old Rosie she has seen far better Seasons of wrinkled face and hair of silver gray
You ask her how she feels and she will tell you i cannot complain life's treating me okay
Things could be worse there are many far worse off than me one ought to make the most of every day
As is often said time does not wait for anyone and with every dawn my end not far away
Old rosie has never known of an easy lifestyle she has outlived her husband and their only offspring a son
He died of leuchaemia as a young man a month shy of his birthday twenty one
In her one bedroom flat she does live on her own and if she feels lonely such she does not show
With a smiling face she always seems so happy she is one of those who has the inner glow
I often see her in The Blue Wing Cafe enjoying a buttered scone and cup of tea
She seems to me the picture of contentment one never tired of her own company
Old Rosie she is in her early eighties one who is ageing in a graceful way
One who will tell you life is how you make it complaining never wins you friends she say
Here is a woman who is worth admiring she bears her life's crosses with dignity
I hope like her that i am well and happy if i do reach the age of eighty three.

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