Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Booming Voice

A big man well over two metres his booming voice is not hard to hear
One might say to the point of deafening if to him you are standing near
Whenever by chance i do meet him on talking to him i do not delay
His conversation does not interest me meeting him never does make my day
He talks mostly of current affairs of politics and of football
Such stuff that does not hold my attention that scarce does interest me at all
Whenever he is drinking at the local pub his loud voice one could never mistake
In the company of other loud voices such a noisy racket they do make
Yet in some ways he is a good person he never beats his children and wife
And he never chats up other women one who does lead a moral life
It is just that he does have a loud voice and his conversation is mostly the same
Such as there may be a federal election and who will win saturday's big game
He is quite well known at the local where his nickname is Booming Voice
At least he does not see me as one of his buddies for him and me that's a good choice.

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