Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Farmer

Many urban people do not treat the farmer as a friend
But on the farmer to live most of us do depend
Without the farmer we would not have milk, bread or meat
Or vegetables or fruit to live we have to eat

In these times of Climate Change and economic depression the farmer doing it tough
One without the other does seem hard enough
And add to that falling prices for the produce he grows
The farmer surely has his financial woes

On who governs the Country the farmer has little say
Like all others he has a vote to cast on election day
Compared to the urban population the rural seems small
And  as political power brokers not seen as important at all.

The farmer works hard every day of the year
Droughts, storms and floodings are things he does fear
Sheep and cattle and acres of crops to drought and flooding lost
Such things come to him at a huge financial cost.

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