Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How It Must Be

As long as you do not lie about me what you say of me with me fine
Since what you say of me is your business and your business can hardly be mine
I never do say that to perfection that i am to anywhere remotely near
And you one of the town's judgemental not how to others you do think you appear
In life we do all have our problems and we all have our crosses to bear
By all accounts you do have your flaws though of such you do not seem aware
It is easy for to be judgemental and in words for to put others down
The one who talks negatively of people is never the toast of the town
To pass judgement on people is negative the judgemental in their ways are so small
They do not believe in equality or the fairness in the fair go for all
They look up to the wealthy powerbrokers those who live at the fashionable address
Some people can be very gullible and not at all hard to impress
As long as you do not lie about me when you pass judgement on me
What you think of me is your business i feel that is how it must be.

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