Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Have Seen

I have seen the migrant sanderling feeding on the southern shore
Thousands of miles south of Clara overlooking Claramore
And in the sunlit Gold Coast parklands i have heard the figbirds sing
In the warmth of the sub tropics of the southern Queensland Spring

I have been in South Australia where the mighty Murray flow
On it's way to the Pacific through the brown lands crawling slow
And in Sherbrooke in Victoria i have seen the tall gum trees
In the coolness of the evening swaying in the freshening breeze

Others have seen more places and more Countries there's a lot of land to see
But those who have never travelled seem far better off than me
Lucky are the stay at home types content in their own home place
It is nice to feel a local where your's is a known and loved face

I have been in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales high countryside
For it's tall trees and scenic beauty a place that is known Worldwide
But compared to the well travelled i have not seen much at all
They are talking utter nonsense those who say the World is small

Yet i do envy the people who at home do choose to stay
Who never feel the desire to see places far away
That they have what is known as a sense of place of them would be fair to say
And are happy to live and grow old where they first saw light of day.

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