Monday, May 21, 2012

I Only Know That

I only know that my life's journey one day or one night has to end
And any talk of a life after bodily death is too much for me to comprehend
Many believe in a life hereafter that the soul has wings for to fly
That there are Worlds for good and bad people millions of miles beyond the sky
I am somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist that much of myself i do know
I am not a religious person one lacking in the inner glow
And though not what you would call a great person for in some of my ways i'm quite small
I do believe that all people are equal and i do believe on a fair go for all
So marvellous are those with compassion since their's is such a great gift indeed
They rush to the assistance of people who are in their moment of need
For future good Karma for themselves they are always planting the good seed
To them everybody are equal since red is the blood we all bleed
The years have left me looking older the hair on my head silver gray
And i only know that my life's journey will end for me one night or day.

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