Friday, May 25, 2012


She feels she is a lucky person to be healthy and alive
Without an ache of any sort at the age of eighty five
Three times a great grandmother it has been awhile since her hair was black
Her husband died ten years ago of a massive heart attack
Old Katie the octogenarian may have known a better day
But she feels well and healthy and about her has a carefree way
Often see her in the parkland walking her brown and white jack russell Dave
One cannot say of Katie she has one foot in the grave
Though the years on her are showing and her hair is silver gray
For one who has lived for so many Seasons she is looking quite okay
She has a marvellous memory she can go way back in time
To when she was a young child many years before her prime
Such a nice and graceful lady down to earth and free of guile
Every time that i do meet her she does greet me with a smile.

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