Thursday, May 3, 2012

Like All Life Forms

Like all life forms we are mortal and that is not a lie
We are born from woman helpless and as helpless we will die
Only Nature lives forever that is how it seems to me
The only one i know of who outlives mortality
The only God i know of from me not far away
Her name is Mother Nature i see her every day
It truly can be said of her time never becomes her foe
The colors of her Seasons to her do come and go
Our Seasons pass so quickly and fleeting is our prime
The life journey ends for everyone we all run out of time
Make the most of life, to others be kind and live for as long as you can
That applies to every woman and applies to every man
From the birth pains of a woman our life's journey began
And we live for an average of seventy years in time a lengthy span.

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