Monday, May 14, 2012

O Reillys

Up there in O Reillys above Mt Tamborine
In the sub tropical rainforest such natural beauty to be seen
For it's amazing flora and fauna O Reillys well known
It does have a natural charm of it's own
In the sub tropical rainforest natural beauty abound
The views are breathtaking from the higher ground
Miles of lower rainforest country from O Reillys to be seen
As near to an Earthly Utopia as to i've ever been
In O Reillys the bird life amazing seen more beautiful birds there
Than in my many travels i have seen anywhere
The mental images of O Reillys with me does remain
And in my flights of fancy i visit again
The South Queensland sub tropical rainforest on the higher ground
And from there gaze on the green beauty for kilometres around.

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